Atacs 9000 Series Heater Blankets are specifically designed for composite and metal structure repair using vacuum bagging techniques. Our heaters are made of fiberglass cloth impregnated with silicone rubber, which provides great strength and flexibility. A wire heating element is then vulcanized between two layers of silicone rubber,forming a durable yet very flexible heat blanket that is resistant to moisture,chemicals,acids and many industrial solvents. The Blankets are capable of 550°F but temperatures of 450°F should not be exceeded for the long periods of time. Applying the heat blanket over an area where the blanket is not in direct contact with the part to be heated is not recommended, nor is over-lapping the blankket.


Applications that require a very flexible, thin heat source are ideal for silicone heating blankets. Because of the thin(approx. .056), flexible nature our heaters, they can insures maximum surface contact with many types of surfaces to be heated.


We stock a variety of shapes and sizes available for immediate delivery. In addition we also custom design the heat blankets for your specific application, such as propeller/rotor blades, nose radom and a variety of structures with complex shapes.