Atacs specializes in unique aircraft repair and maintenance technologies that can be engineered, developed and manufactured by Atacs to provide new state of the art repair systems and the highest quality resins in the aircraft repair industry.

Atacs consults with airframe manufacturers to determine the design goals of future repair systems. This explains why Atacs was the first company to introduce hotbonders, the flexible heater design used today, thermocouple welders and portable phosphoric anodizing systems (a Boeing patent).

Atacs services and calibrates the many hotbonders that have been sold over the last 40 years and provides training on how to use the new Atacs 8024-2e bonded repair management controller.

At the request of companies like Boeing, Atacs develops and molds soft urethane closed cell foam skydrol resistant bumpers to fit over equipment that could injure a worker or dent an aircraft fuselage. Atacs can design custom molds for special protection shapes and applications.

Atacs develops aqueous based cleaners, degreasers for hard surfaces like composite materials. Atacs also developed a safe deodorizer for odor removal in confined spaces.


Atacs provides calibration services to the many customers who have purchased Atacs Hotbonders over the last 40 years. Service and system uprades are performed as needed. Necessary hardware upgrades are provided at no charge during the first 2 years( the customer just pays for shipping).


Atacs composite repair system was designed to be very software upgradable. Software upgrades are provided at no charge during the first 2 years The 8024-2e is the most accurate Hot-Bonder on the market when dealing with larger, more complex structures.


Atacs provides thermal Mapping services to customers who require periodic certification of their flexible silicone composite repair heaters. Atacs sells standard shaped and custom shaped heaters.


Atacs provides hands on training to composite repair engineers who are new to the sophisticated simplicity of the 8024-2e repair system. Training is done at the customers facility or at Atacs Seattle facility (travel costs are negotiable). Atacs also makes training videos available to interested customers at no cost. Calibration software and training can be provided to technicians who wish to perform scheduled calibration in their own calibration Lab.