ATACS products has pre-owned, dual-zone, 8024-2 Hotbonders available. These units are factory refurbished with new heaters, cables, thermocouples, hoses, & vacuum accessories. Each unit will be calibrated prior to shipment and comes with calibration certs and stickers. The price is less than half of a new Hotbonder, at just $5,950.00. Please specify voltage (120 – 240 VAC) and country that it is to be used.

We have a single-zone, 8024-1 available too!

Shipping is not included in the system price.

Please use the form on the Contact tab to contact us.

The latest Hotbonder software release (Version 2.0) enabled a long anticipated feature. Data logging capability is now a standard feature of the Hotbonder at no additional cost. It is included in all new Hotbonders and upgrades to existing model 8024-2e machines.
The data-logger records temperatures from the existing Hotbonder thermocouples without having to run a cure. The data logging capability co-exists with the hotbonder in that you can perform a cure on one zone and data log on the other. Of course, you can use both zones at once for recording temperatures with up to 10 T/Cs per zone or even record one zone with up to 20 T/Cs. It is very flexible when it comes to configuration and it has the accuracy of the Hotbonder as it uses the same circuitry.

Coming soon, the 8024-2e will have a significant software and firmware upgrade. The new Version 2.0 software will have new features that increase performance stability and enhances safety. Another new feature allows the Hot-bonder to perform tasks that no other Hot-bonder has been able to do.

Existing 8024-2e owners will be eligible for an upgrade at a discounted rate by telling us you read about it on our blog.

Keep watching this blog for the release date.

We are offering customers with ATACS 8024-1 or 8024-2 Hot-bonders an exclusive opportunity. You can trade-in your equipment for a credit applied toward the purchase of the newest technology 8024-2e Hot-bonder.  Contact us for details.

ATACS offers discounts to educational institutions and organizations.  Discounts apply to equipment, materials, accessories, service, and training.  Please contact us via the form at

Make sure that you tell us that you are a training organization when requesting a quote.