Characteristic Specification
Industry Spec. Compliance BOEING Repair Document D6-48758c (para 7.8.1c) Boeing Process Spec. BAC-5317 and D6-53900.
Heating Zones One or two zones, operator selectable
Heating System Electric silicone flexible heaters or lamps.
Optional qualification testing in accordance with Boeing D656273.
Heat Profile Steps Up to 7 steps (15 segments)
Temperature Ramp Rate 1 to 10º F/Minute (1 to 5 º C/Minute),  F or C selectable.
Dwell Temperature Ambient to 600 º F
Dwell Time 1 to 999 Minutes per step
Setpoint Resolution 1º F or C
Instrument Accuracy ±1% of scale (excludes T/C accuracy)
Vacuum Accuracy ± 2 inches Hg
Thermocouples 2 minimum for single zone,  2 minimum per zone for dual zone.20 maximum for single zone,  any combination of 1 to 19 for one zone & the balance in the other zone.  A maximum of 20 TCs for both zones .
Thermocouple Inputs Universal Standard Jack for J or K type, user selectable.
Active Thermocouples Auto detected by controller.
Vacuum 2 vac. outputs internally generated.Two return inputs, operator configurable, 1 or 2 for one zone, and 1 or 2 for two zone operation.80/3 to 120/5 Air (PSI/SCFM)
Vacuum Transducers Strain gauge type 0 to 30 in/hg.
Alarms Piezo-electric audible alarm on Zone Controller, Text Alarm on PC Controller80 db min at 2 feet.. Alarm Silence Feature.Hi-intensity LED indicators.
AC Power Input 96 to 250 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, 25 Amps
AC Power Output 6,000 Watt @ 240 Volts or 3,000 Watts @ 120 Volts
AC Safety Devices Ground Fault Interrupter ( detects Line and Neutral switched)
Power Fault Tolerance 500 mS not noticeable by operator. *
Power Interrupt Recovery 5 minute interrupt recovery *
Size Approx. 17 X 22 X 9
Weight 28 lbs.
Operating Temperature 32 – 120° F
Storage Temperature 0 – 160° F
Humidity (operating) 95% non-condensing


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