The Atacs 0575 is a high-temperature release film and perforated bleeder. It is a fluorinated ethylene prophylene copolymer.


This clear perforated release film is primarily used as a bleeder in composites bonding and repair. It lends itself to readily overcome bridging in complex contour lay-ups. Atacs 0575 (clear) is ideal for composite lay-ups. because it shows up clearly against the laminate and can be easily removed.


  • Thickness Standard: .001″
  • Yield: 90.28 sq.ft/lb/mil
  • Color: Clear
  • Density 2.15+/ .02 g/cc
  • Elongation %: 350
  • Melt Point: 540°F
  • Max. use Temperature 500°F
  • Release: Will release from all commercial resin systems
  • Flammability: Non-flammable
  • Shelf life: Indefinite