Atacs 0533 is aluminum foil that has been treated to permit subsequent bonding of the foil to other substrates or simultaneous bonding with the fabrication of reinforced thermoset plastic articles. The preparation and coating on the foil differs depending on the cure and process variables.


Specific use of the Atacs 0533 variations defined here are for electro-magnetic inductance protection on non-electrically conductive plastic parts. The foil is 0.002 inch thick, and dead soft temper. Two alloys are available Additional thicknesses, widths, and alloys can be supplied on request. The foil treatment and adhesive are formulated in such a manner that the 90°F peel strength of the foil from the plastic surface excceeds one pound per inch during exposure to condensing humidity at 120°F for more than 4 hours.



Atacs 0533 is 1145 aluminum alloy. This foil is applied onto parts during initial fabrication and co-cured with the prepreg, or in secondary curing applications in conjunction with one ply of prepreg. After layup of the Atacs 0533 on the part, it must be cured at elevated temperature and pressure. It can be cured at either 250°F to 270°F(121°C to 132°C) or 350°F to 370°F(177°C to 188°C) for 1 1/2 hours at either temperature.