Atacs 0511 is a fabric composed of woven, carbon fibers qualified to meet the strongest quality asurance standards for aerospace as well as commercial applications. Style 584(3k-135-8h) fabric is composed of woven carbon fibers. The fibers are suface treeated to promote adhesion to organic polymers. They are also lightly sized with a non-toxic proprietary water soluble sizing. Yarn suppliers lhave very similar deniers, strengths and specific gravities. These suppliers include Celion, Thornel, Hysol-Grafil, Hercules, etc., and over the past few years the following constructions and properties have evolved and the yarn suppliers can be interchangeable for all except the most stringent applications.


  • Promote adhesion to organic polymers.
  • Lightly sized with a non-toxic proprietary water soluble sizing.


  • Style: 3K-135-8H(584)
  • Weight(oz/sq.yd): 10.7
  • Weave: 8HS
  • Tow(1000Fil): 3
  • Count(per in): 24 x 24
  • Thickness(cure/ply mil): 13.7
  • Tensile(#/in): 650 x 650
  • Roll Length(yards): 100
  • Width: 42″