Atacs 5144(EY 3804) is a low viscosity, two component epoxy system that offers low temperature cure, high temperature strength and excellent resistance to hot-water immersion. These properties make this system an excellent choice for field repair of composite components(considered as permanent repair for service temperatures to 200°F.) It is qualified to Boeing Specification BMS 8-301H, CL. 2.


  • Field Repair of Composite Components


  • Low Temperature Cure, High Temperature Strength and excellent resistance to hot-water immersion
  • Excellent property retention in 160°F
  • Room Temperature Curing epoxy to develop 300°F strength, with short term aging


  • Color: Part A= Amber, Part B= Black
  • Specific Gravity, gms/cc: Part A=1.23 Part B= 98
  • Viscosity,CPS: Part A= 6,000 Part B= 1,700
  • Pot Life 40-50 minutes, per 166 gramm mass

Compressive Interlaminar Shear Strength, psi 3K Graphite Wet Lamination Over Cured Graphite Laminate.

  • @ Room Temperature 7,300
  • @-65°F 8,900


  • Compressive Strength,PSI: 47,315
  • Compressive Modulus, PSI: 6.1 x10*6
  • Flexural Strength, PSI: 113,473
  • Flexural Modulus, PSI: 3.2×10*6
  • Tensile Strength,PSI
    • @ Room Temperature: 41,240
    • @300°F: 20,570
  • Tensile Modulus
    • @ Room Temperature, PSI: 7.8x 10*6
  • Interlaminar Shear Strengtlh: 4.960


As with all resin systems, liquid and vapor may cause irritation to some people. Avoid contact with skin and use adequate ventilation. Wash skin with soap and water. Flush eyes with water copiously and get medical attention.

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