ATACS 5114 A/B(EY2562 A/B) was designed to fill the need for a strong, pourable and lightweight filler honecomb core panels. It can be usled to pot fasteners or as edge close-out after the panel is trimmed to contour. It is fire retardant, resistant to long exposure to 350°F and cures at room temperature, in thickness to over 1 inch. It is qualified to Boeing Specification BMS 5-28W, Type 7, Class 1. US Government NSN 8030-11-134-0432.


Be sure to stir the entire container of ATACS 5114(EY2562-A). It contalins hollow glass spheres which rise to the surface of the liquid resin. The contents must be of uniform consistency before adding hardener.

Mix 40 parts by weight of ATACS 5114B(EY-2562-B) hardener, with 100 parts by weight of ATACS 5114A(Ey-2562-A). Stir thoroughly with a slow speed mixer, to avoid breaking the glass micro-balloons.